Bathroom Remodel

San Diego Tile Contractor

I have been a tile contractor in San Diego for 8 years. I have been working with tile installations for 20+ years. I have been working with tile installations in San Diego for 12 years. Most of my tile installation experience has been bathroom tile installations. I am a very experienced bathroom tile contractor in San Diego. I began to do more of the incidental trade work involved in bathroom remodel about ten years ago.

My Services

More recently most of my projects have been full bathroom remodels or shower only remodels. I am an expert shower remodeler. I can do my own demo, plumbing, framing, and waterproofing. I can install cabinets, baseboard, lights, miscellaneous hardware, drywall and paint. I have years of custom designed bathroom tile installations. I am an expert at building corner seats, shower benches, tiled accent stripes, recessed shampoo shelves, medallions, and picture frames. I can install any appropriate tile for a bathroom remodel such as porcelain tile, ceramic tile, granite tile, travertine tile, subway or brick pattern tile, wood look tile, limestone tile, and sandstone tile.

Your Effective Solution

I am a more cost effective solution to a general contractor who might not specialize in bathroom remodels in San Diego. Or another tile contractor in San Diego that might not be as experience in bathroom remodel or be an expert shower remodeler. I do all of my own tile installations and work closely with a few other sub contractors when necessary for putting in tubs, installing a hot mop water barrier, or installing custom glass doors. I perform tile installations, bathroom remodels, and shower only remodels all over San Diego county. I have worked with some great people and made them very happy, and that makes me happy.

If you are searching for a tile contractor, bathroom remodeler, or shower only remodeler in San Diego, look no further. Give me a call at 619-698-5509 and lets get on our way to building a new bathroom, shower, or tiled space for your home. Contact me here and let’s get started!