Safety First, Your San Diego Tile and Stone Contractor

Care must be taken at all times during the demolition phase of a project. Detaching, removing, and hauling away material can seam easy to some people, but it’s risky, dangerous, laborious, and dusty. Proper eyes, ears, and respiratory protection must be worn by the tradesman when in the work area. Dust reduction and containment procedures must be implemented. There is always a risk of unnecessary damage to the home. Reduction of this risk is a top priority. Every cut line drawn, every sheet of plastic draped, and floor covering laid, can have an effect on the overall quality of the demolition. The demo is not complete until every screw, nail, and little chunk of drywall is out of the way for the installer. Floors and crevices should be swept and/or vacuumed. Some areas may need to be washed with antimicrobial detergent. Demolition should always be done by an experienced tradesman. With James Groff Tile and Stone, you will experience great quality, service, and clean up. We do a great job and are honored to work on your project.

We pay special attention to minimize the dust issue and clean up every mess that is created. That is our customer service advantage. License #914470, Bond # SC6080959, insurance policy #U15AC87582-00. Browse past project photos. Contact for a free estimate. References available upon request!