Framing Shower Pan and Curb

For your San Diego home and property, framing shower pan and curb may be requested. Whenever a tub or fiberglass shower enclosure is removed, the walls will most likely not have the necessary lumber between the studs required to attach a waterproofing membrane. 2×10 or taller planks must be installed between the studs in order to properly fasten the membrane to the wall. 2×10’s or2x12’s are cut and nailed to the studs all the way around the bottom part of the shower. A curb, damn, jam, or riser (4 different names for the same thing) will need to be screwed into place in order to frame the raised part of the shower pan that you step over every time you enter or exit the shower. Curb-less shower enclosures are also available, but much more difficult to achieve. This is a shower pan that is flush with the bathroom floor and has no raised part to step over.

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