Grout Service

Grout is commonly referred to as the mortar in between the tiles. Tile grout comes in just about any color necessary. There are 4 types of tile grout: portland cement, modified portland cement, latex and silicone, and epoxy.

Portland cement is the most common and the cheapest. It is easy to use and looks good when new but tends to effloresce, crack, and stain more than the others.

Modified portland cement is my favorite. It costs more and is a little more difficult to use but looks just as good, has a stain resistant pre-mixed into it, doesn’t crack as easily, and doesn’t effloresce.

I put latex and silicone in the same category. I don’t like them. They both come pre-mixed, which is nice but they are more expensive, shrink, are difficult to use, are not as durable, and don’t look as good. Fairly stain resistant though from what I can tell.

Epoxy grout is the beast of the grout world. It is extremely durable, but very expensive, very difficult to use, and has a limited color selection.

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