Why is Limestone Flooring a Good Option?

Limestone flooring can be a good option for homeowners seeking good looks and resilience. While not as hard as marble, it is an extremely durable material and can last a lifetime if properly cared for. Though a pricier option than other tile materials, the durability of limestone often outweighs the additional cost.

What are the Benefits of Limestone?

Limestone flooring is hard and durable, making it a preferred choice for homeowners who want a stone floor that is cheaper than marble but which, if properly cared for, will last them a lifetime. Both marble and limestone were formed from the same material, calcium carbonate, which was created from compressed shellfish at the bottom of the ocean.

What Colors do Limestone come in?

As a natural substance, limestone is desired by many interior designers for the variety of natural colors in which it is found. In addition to cream, limestone comes in shades of gray, green, blue, brown and red. The fossil-like veining that runs through the stone adds texture to the flooring, increasing its appeal. It is also hypoallergenic, allergen- and bacteria-resistant. If you live in a warm climate, the cool stone will keep your home feeling cooler through the warmest months. This can have the opposite effect, however, if your home is in a colder climate.

When properly sealed with a high quality sealer, limestone flooring is resistant to staining and messes can be easily wiped up with water. The flooring must be sealed properly every few years, especially if it is outside and will be exposed to moisture. Cleaning these floors is simple with regular sweeping and scrubbing with a mop and mild detergent.

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