Shower Remodel

James Groff Tile and Stone is San Diego’s best value shower remodeler. We have over 20 years experience in remodeling showers from start to finish. We understand the process better than anyone, from demolition, to plumbing, waterproofing, and tile, we pay careful attention to the customers vision and make it a reality.

Shower tile installation is generally more complex than flooring. Gravity pulls the wall tile in a way which hinders progress. A shower tile installation has more design elements. Deco stripes, recessed shampoo shelves, corner seats, and window wraps are standard accessories that require expert attention. The walls and pan must be 100% waterproof, and stay that way forever. The shower walls need to be built in a way in which a custom glass door can be installed. Which means, perfectly flat, level and structurally sound. Additional framing may
be required to achieve this.

Whether you desire a 12×12 standard pattern shower tile installation, or a more complex shower remodel, James Groff Tile and Stone is your best choice. From 3×6 or 12×24 subway patterns, to “woodlook” tiled showers, we have the experience and knowledge to build the shower of your dreams. Call or email today and lets get started on your shower remodel. Thank you and
have a great day.