Tile Installation

San Diego Tile Installation

I am a 20+ year veteran of the tile trade. I am an expert tile installer. Whether you need a floor tile installation, bathroom tile installation or remodel, fireplace, barbecue, or backsplash, I am your best choice. I specialize in residential remodel projects, however, I am also experienced in new residential construction. as well as commercial construction and remodel. I have been a tile contractor in San Diego for over 8 years and have worked for some great people. I have an extremely high rate of customer satisfaction.

Home Tile Projects

From the large kitchen and bathroom remodel projects, to the small floors, I pay special attention to every detail and do whatever it takes to provide my customer with exactly what they want. I am a full service tile installation contractor. I can demo, plumb, frame, waterproof, drywall, paint, you name it. No need to hire several different companies to do the incidental trade work. I tile bathrooms in San Diego. I tile showers in San Diego. I tile floors in San Diego. I tile kitchens in San Diego. I tile fireplaces in San Diego and I tile barbecues in San Diego. I have built a roman tub by myself from scratch. I have notched out floor joists in order to drop the shower pan for the linear drains. I have waterproofed several different ways without a leak. I frame corner seats, shower benches and pony walls.

Tile Types

I work with ceramic tile, porcelain tile, granite tile, marble tile, slate tile, sandstone tile, limestone tile, travertine tile, quartzite tile, and glass tile. I can give you a picture frame in your backsplash tile installation, floor tile installation, or your shower tile installation.

At least for now, I do all my own tile installations. I am a solo flying tile contractor in San Diego. I will put the quality of my tile installations up against any other tile contractor in San Diego’s tile installations. Give me a call at 619-698-5509 and lets get on our way to building a new bathroom, shower, or tiled space for your home. Contact me here and let’s get started!